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Welcome to the WTA 

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Reps Ribble, Lummis Introduce State Wolf Population Management Bill

Welcome to
 the WTA

I'm asking the membership of the Wisconsin Trapper Association to write to their Assemblymen in their area and also their state senators.


The Problem: State Budget Bill


The Governor in his proposed budget bill is trying to take away policy-making authority of the Natural Resources  Board making them strictly an advisory board. That is not good for the W.T.A. because almost all of the rule changes that trappers support come from the WCC and the Board. If the N.R.B. is not capable of making bioligical decisions from input from the D.N.R. and the opinions of citizens of Wisconsin our influence on how seasons and other changes to hunting/trapping could be tragic.  The W.T.A. by-laws don't support or are very restrictive on how or if we can have any influence lobbying legislators. Folks we can't afford to lose the NRB and it's present policy making authorities.  The proposed budget also requires that the D.N.R. eliminates 18.4 science research position in the Bureau of Science Services. The need for such positions being kept can be supported by using the example of the  bobcat season south of hwy 64 , another example is the capability to use cable restraints on land in Wisconsin. If we didn't have good research and data on bobcats a few years back there would not be a harvest  season on bobcats in the north, but with good science and data we still have that harvest season. That's was the only reason we did win (good science).


The NRB has been around for 88 years without any political influence. We don't need policies made behind closed doors without any public voice or having any input by citizens of the state.


Just a little more on research most of the money is from the Science Service position are mainly funded by Pittman-Roberson ,Sport Fishing Restoration and state license dollars


You can fine your State Representative at www.legis.wi.gov

Please look at this important message from the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation regarding the upcoming state budget: Keep Science in Wisconsin Fish and Wildlife Management


Scott Zimmermann

W.T.A President 

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